We provide a sundry of building and design services for your home, everything from a powder room renovation to a gourmet kitchen or even your custom dream home!  Cowdin Design + Build takes pride in our range of services and puts our clients wishes and desires first in all of our projects. 


Take a look at what services we offer and what to expect with each type of project below.

Kitchens - Bring life back to the heart of your home.

Let's Start Planning Your New Kitchen…

A kitchen is the most complex and the most used workspace in the house, and it's important that your remodeled kitchen matches your needs and lifestyle as closely as possible.

Consider how you use your kitchen…

  • 20How many people are in your household who use the kitchen? The answer to this question will determine how much you use your kitchen gets, and much traffic there is likely to be in the kitchen at any one time.
  • Do two or more cooks typically work at the same time? If so, you may want extra counter space and/or an extra sink.
  • Do you entertain frequently and do you typically have formal or informal gatherings? If you entertain a lot, you may want to open up the kitchen/living room area into a great room that lets you be part of the party while you are working.
  • What other activities commonly occur in the kitchen? Some homes have a laundry closet in the kitchen. Some people want a wet bar, a breakfast bar or even a desk for writing or computer work.
  • Do you have any special needs? Is a user exceptionally short or tall and uncomfortable working at standard height counters for long periods of time? Do you have a disabled or elderly household member who may have special needs?

Think about the features you want…

  • Do you need an island (and have room for it), a peninsular or breakfast nook?
  • Would you fill a pantry?
  • Would you rather have a stainless steel sink or enameled cast-iron?
  • Do you use the microwave for major cooking or just occasionally?
  • Do you prefer cooking with gas or electricity?
  • Do you want a combination oven-and range or a cook top with a wall oven?
  • Do you use small enough appliances that you could use an appliance garage to store them?

Considering Styles….

  • Does the style you like fit your home? You may have loved the European cabinets in the magazine, but they might not look good in your Queen Anne Victorian.
  • What kind of color changes do want to make? Would the ideal color necessitate buying new appliances? When you choose colors, think of them in relation to surrounding rooms and try to find colors that complement the rest of the house.

Considering Layout…

  • What shape of kitchen will work best for you? A straight wall kitchen, a center island kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen, a L or G shaped kitchen or a gallery type kitchen? 
  • How will everything fit within that given shape? If you're building a new home, of course you'll have more options to incorporate additional space and added features in the plans.
Basements - Lively and bright...use your space right.

Let’s Start Planning Your Basement…

Finishing a basement can add a lot of new livable space to your home. The biggest challenge is determining how you will actually use the space on a day-to-day basis, prioritizing your needs and wants and identifying any obstacles.

 How will you use the space…

  • Who will be using the space? Do you have kids that will use the space?
  • How much of the space do you plan on finishing? Is part of the space to remain unfinished for storage or HVAC equipment?
  • What do you envision for the space? A play area for the kids? Or maybe a bar and gaming area? An exercise area?
  • Do you plan on adding a bedroom downstairs? If so, you must have an egress window in that room for safety reasons.
  • What kind of basement do you have? A walk-out basement or completely below grade basement?  If completely below grade, you will need an egress window if you do not already have one.
  • Do you have enough space for all of you needs and wants? This is a good time to start prioritizing and asking yourself what is absolutely essential.
  • Will your needs/wants for the space change over time? For instance, do you want a playroom for small children now but as they grow you may want a gaming area or space for them to hang out with friends? If so, a flexible design may be important to you.
  • Is your budget realistic with your list of needs and wants? This is a question we will be able to advise you on.

Logistical considerations…

  • Are there poles that may dictate where walls are placed?
  • What is the maximum possible ceiling height in different areas? Where does the ductwork run? What is the beam height and joist height?
  • What type of ceiling do you prefer? If acoustical privacy is an issue you may want to consider a drop ceiling. If you want the basement to feel more like an extension of the home you may opt for a drywall ceiling.
  • Are there any moisture problems in the basement? Any mildew smell or cracks in foundation walls or floors of any? Any obvious signs of water getting in?
  • Where is the furnace, water heater, sump pump or other equipment located in the basement?
  • Is the basement pre-plumbed for a bathroom? If so, does the layout work logistically or will plumbing lines need to be moved?
Bathrooms - A home spa-like retreat, complete with form and function.

Let’s Start Planning Your Bathroom…

Besides the kitchen, bathrooms are the most important, frequently used spaces in the home. Despite their importance, they are still some of the smallest rooms in the home.  Within this relatively small space there is a lot going on, it is important to really examine the functionality of the space in regards to how you personally use it.

How do you use the space…(besides the obvious)

  • What type of bathroom is it? Is it a Master Bath, Shared Family Bath or Powder room-this will make a huge difference as to how you design it.
  • How often is the bathroom used?
  • Who uses the bathroom? Do you have kids that use the bathroom as well or guests that come to visit?
  • What type of activities do you use the bathroom for? i.e. relax, listen to music, get dressed?
  • Do you plan to grow old in the space? If so, incorporating Aging-In Place design will be a consideration.
  • Are you alone in the bathroom-is someone else in the household getting ready at the same time? If so, how do you interact in the space? Do you have enough privacy?
  • What about the current layout makes the space uncomfortable? Think ventilation, space, layout, fixtures, etc.
  • What appliances or fixtures do you use?
  • Is there enough counter space?
  • Are there enough electrical outlets?
  • What are the storage requirements and is there enough storage in the bathroom? Does the current vanity hold all of your belongings? Do you have a linen cabinet in the bathroom?
  • Do you take a bath or shower or both? How else do you use the bath/shower space (shaving, bathing children or pets, etc)?
  • Are the linens you need handy?
  • What water usage concerns do you have? For instance, do you often run out of hot water when filling the tub?
Additions - Add square footage and improve your curb appeal.
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Custom Homes - Build your dream home with skilled people who care.
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