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Need Construction Drawings......13

You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledge hammer on the construction site. - Frank Lloyd Wright

If you have a design already or need help developing permit/construction drawings, it can be hard to find at a reasonable budget. It seems like just some lines on paper but these documents will guide the construction of your project. Construction documents can be as simple as floor plans, elevations, building section and wall details. Or a set of construction drawings can go as far as explaining what cabinets and lights go where.

If you are looking for just a concept design drawing or a complete permittable construction drawing, we are here to help. We can sit down with you and program what you are looking to accomplish. We can draw up a design you already have or we can help you come up with a few new ideas.

How much detail are you looking for on your Construction Drawings?

  • Are you hiring a building contractor or building it yourself?
  • Do you want detailed interior elevations with materials selected?
  • Do you want basic permit drawings and you will select materials as you build?
  • Have you thought about us drawing, building and selecting materials for your home?
  • With these construction documents, a licensed contractor must be hired.

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